NPSAG Professional Private School Administrator Certification Program

Professional Program for Private School Administrators

We are Celebrating Our 34th Year – Currently Serving Private Schools in ALL 50 States and internationally.  

Professional Private School Administrator Certification Program Note: This Program is a Requirement for Administrators Engaged in Private School Accreditation Phase II

130,000 Individual Private Schools
1,700,000 Private School Teachers & Staff
13,600,000 Private School Students
23,900,000 Private School Parents

To Qualify: The Professional Private School Administrator Certification Program is designed exclusively for individuals who currently (or formerly) Administrate an Established Private School.

This fast-paced, self-study program is just $250 and includes all materials and frameable documents. Yes, you will receive a Personalized Professional Private School Administrators Certificate, Personalized Letter of Confirmation, Code of Ethics Document and Confirmation to interested third parties.

All published prices are subject to change without notice. Persons who are currently engaged in any NPSAG offering may finish the current offering under the then current published pricing scheme.

Here’s What You Get:

A Personalized Professional Private School Administrator’s Certificate

A Personalized Letter of Confirmation as to your Status & Credentials

National Confirmation of your Professional Status & Certification to third parties

Code of Ethics Document 

An informative Reference Manual to help you Manage your Facility

Here are the areas you will study:

Starting a School

Business Plan

Office Management

Financial Management

Record Keeping


Employee Relations

Policies & Procedures

Insurance Checklist

Incident Reporting

Fire & Safety

Disaster Preparedness

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Physical Environment

Medication & First Aid

Relations with Parents

Code of Ethics



Overview of Program

The Professional Private School Administrators Certification Program is offered by the National Private Schools Association Group, an National, Independent Trade Association of Private Non-public Educational Facilities, located in All 50 States. NPSAG offers support and well deserved recognition, to individuals and Schools, where it is long overdue. NPSAG Accredits Private Schools, Certifies Private School Teachers, Publishes a Newsletter and Conducts Training Seminars & Conferences. We offer an open-ended Resource & Referral Service to our affiliates, to assist them with their day-to-day operating concerns. NPSAG recognizes that it is the uniqueness and diversity of the individual School and its Administrator that drives the Private School Industry and is largely responsible for its success. In that tradition, NPSAG has no preconceived notions or rigid standards concerning your work experience, formal education, length of time in service, etc., to become affiliated. NPSAG agrees with many Private School Administrators who find these and other preconceived notions or rigid requirements time consuming, frustrating and expensive to demonstrate. We warmly welcome you, as you are!

Information that will be requested:

• Information about yourself

• Information about your work experience

• Information about your academic/training experience

• Information about your character

• Personal references

What happens next?

• In a few days you will receive the Self-Study Pack & Reference Manual

• Provide the requested information and return the completed Self-Study Pack, along with the specifications for your Certificate & Letter.

• Keep the Reference Manual for future use

• In short order you will receive your documentation including the Personalized Professional Private School Administrators Certificate, Personalized Letter of Confirmation, National Confirmation as to your Professional Status, Credentials and Code of Ethics Documents

• Enjoy the many benefits of Professional Certification

• It’s just that simple!

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