NPSAG Private School Accreditation Program

Professional Private School Accreditation Program

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In order for an applicant for accreditation to request candidacy, for their program, they must meet the requirements detailed below:

NPSAG Private School Accreditation Program

It should be noted, that the NPSAG, Inc. has developed a policy that does not impose any specific, predetermined or rigid, fixed standards, to become accredited. We at NPSAG believe that the uniqueness and diversity of the Private Schools Industry is what drives it and is largely responsible for its long-standing acceptance. Therefore, you are not required to demonstrate a specific student to teacher ratio, length of time in business, or in house library, etc.

You will be required, through the accreditation process, to demonstrate how your specific program uniquely addresses these and other common issues, so that interested persons may comprehend your rationale as reasonable and form a basis to have confidence in and share your success, as a private schools educator, through interface with a parent, student, transfer institution, standardized tester, curriculum writer, and others.

NPSAG Mission

It is the mission of NPSAG to assist the candidate Private School in achieving accreditation for its program. All the while, seeking to avoid the pitfalls of frustration, excessive time consumption, and the burden of expense felt by many who have engaged in the processes of other accreditation organizations in the past.

Accreditation Process

  1. The Applicant must be willing, through accreditation, to implement policies and procedures that will assure public acceptance and recognition of its program to the satisfaction of interested third parties who come to rely on accreditation as a measure of competency.  The cost of the Accreditation process is $2,695.00.
  2. The Applicant may be opening or currently operate an active, ongoing, educational program that functions in the Private, non-public arena. That is, not be a part of or be largely financially supported with funds reserved legislatively, by the State Department of Education, for public schools.
  3. The business identity of the applicants program must be traceable. That is, maintain permanent records, have a valid address and telephone number, be able to offer printed materials to support its offering and provide copies of any required legal registration and necessary licenses to operate legally, etc.
  4. The applicant must be willing to delineate and document its programs, claims and offerings to the satisfaction of any reasonable and prudent committee of examiners.
  5. The applicant must be willing to submit an application for accreditation along with the proper fees. That is, a detailed profile of its current program and offerings. The information must be complete in its entirety and reasonably verifiable.
  6. The applicant must be willing to commit to the accreditation process, to its conclusion and submit requested materials, within the time frame allotted
  7. The applicant must be willing to voluntarily offer their facility and responsible personnel for a site visit, at their expense, currently a $500 flat fee, in addition to the accreditation fee.  This must be paid before “Full Accreditation” and before the actual site visit. After the site visit, the school will be eligible for the “Fully Accredited” Status.

Note: NPSAG Accreditation for Private Schools is a Two (2) Phase process.

Each Phase may be going on at the same time. Phase one (1) is concerned with the Facility Evaluation “Self-Study”. This First Phase, takes you through the “Provisional Accreditation Status”.

Phase two (2) is concerned with “Professional Development”. After completion of Phase two you may advance to the “Fully Accredited Status” The Second Phase requires that at least one person at the facility holds Credentials that indicate that she/he is qualified as a Professional Private School Administrator and she/he supervises Teachers who hold Credentials that indicate that each is qualified as a Professional Teacher in the field that she/he teaches. (options are listed immediately below)

To satisfy this requirement NPSAG allows a maximum of one year for the responsible person at the Private School to produce Professional Credentials from any recognized active entity that is authorized to issue such Credentials. Such as any State Department of Education, Federal Government, Military, Professional Association, or other Accrediting Organization. Also, the requirement may be met by having the Administrator complete the NPSAG “Professional Private School Administrator Program”. The Teacher(s) may complete the “NPSAG Professional Private School Teacher Certification Program”. To learn the details about either of these programs refer to the NPSAG Homepage or by selecting either of the links labeled “Professional Administrator” or “Teacher Certification” at the bottom of this page after reading the rest of this section.

Both of these programs are affordable, relatively easy to qualify for, and are designed to offer a justly earned Professional Designation, independent of the state. It is not a legal necessity that Private School Administrators and Teachers hold Professional Credentials.

However, in the minds eye of concerned parents, transfer institutions and other interested third parties, students who attend a Private School that has achieved an Accredited Status and whose Administrator and Teachers hold Professional Credentials goes a long way to enhance your image and interactions with those who evaluate your Private School, it’s administration and staff.

You can state with confidence: “Our Private School is Fully Accredited by an National Accrediting Organization. Our Private School is administered by a Professional Private School Administrator. Your Student will receive their education from Private School Teachers who are certified in their subject specialty area(s)”.

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